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Software solution for managing files and processes, harmonized with the Decree on office operations (Official Gazette 75/2021), application of which is mandatory from 01.01.2023 for state administration bodies, other state bodies, local and regional self-government units, and legal entities with public authorities (public bodies).
What does LaFMS bring?

What does LaFMS bring?

Centralized source of information

  • Easy access to all documents and content
  • Quick and easy search
  • Controlled and simple distribution

Improved access security

  • Administrative control of access to documents
  • Reduced possibility of document loss or destruction
  • No possibility of ransomware attacks

Improved tracking of document validity

  • The system monitors and warns about the expiry of the document
  • The system monitors the deadlines for document archiving

Compliance with the Regulation on office operations

  • Compliance with legal regulations and regulations
  • Automatic classification of subjects and letters
  • + Integration of the digital image of the document and regulatory data

Support for GDPR processes

  • Security of access to information and documents
  • Monitoring (Activity Log) of access to information and documents
  • Management of requests, tasks, search

 Support for eRačun

  • Recieiving eRačun
  •  Digital authentication of the eRačun
  • Archiving eRačun

Support for document management processes

  • System of digital authentication of documents
  • Task management system
  • Automatic notification key data display system

Project management support

  • Project documentation
  • WBS
  • Project schedule